air filter felt

  • Air filtration media pocket type

    Air filtration media pocket type

    Factory direct sale customized size non woven air filter material Roll Product Description: Medium efficiency pockets filter media roll F5~F8 is designed for a wide range of air conditioning and general ventilation applications where large volumes of air are to be handled and systems that need high dust holding capacity coupled with a low resistance. It is widely used in all kinds of pocket filters, bag filters, prefilters for HVAC and ventilation systems. 1. Media: synthetic fiber 2. Efficie...
  • Initial (per) air filter cotton

    Initial (per) air filter cotton

    Advantages: * Cleanable * Low resistance * Long use period *Large dust holding capacity Specification: *Color: white *Width:1m or 1.2m *Thickness: 3mm,5mm,10mm,15mm,20mm (Can be customized according to customer requirements) *EN 799 class: G2 (white, black) *EN 779 level: G3 (blue), G4 (green and white) *Average arrestance: G2: (50-60)% , G3: (60-80)% , G4: (80-92)% *Initial resistance: G2: (20-25Pa) , G3: (30-45Pa) , G4: (40-50Pa) *Terminol resistance: 150Pa *Capacity: 350-550g / ...