dust filter bag

  • Filter bag

    Filter bag

    Filter bag one most important in the bag dust collector filter , Made of non-woven and woven fabrics.In the production process of many industrial industries, such as thermal power generation, iron and steel, cement and chemical industry, a large amount of dust and smoke will be produced, which will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere and human body,Therefore, the state has formulated strict requirements for the atmospheric emissions of such enterprises, and because the emission policie...
  • Fiberglass filter bag

    Fiberglass filter bag

    Dia 300mmx Length10850mm fiberglass filter bag with rings Fiberglass RABH filter bag for cement industry dust collector fiberglass cloth SPECIFICATION OF FIBERGLASS WOVEN FILTER CLOTH Article Name FG350 FG550 FG750 Ingredients Fiber E-glass E-glass E-glass Loss on ignition % 10-13 10-13 10-13 Weight g/m2 350±15 550±15 750±15 Thickness mm 0.35±0.03 0.5±0.2 1.0±-0.2 Weave 1/3 twill 1/3 twill Double twill Permeability...