Congratulations to Zhejiang University of Technology and City Science and Technology Bureau for our exchange

2020. On the afternoon of August 20, Zhejiang University of Technology Textile Research Institute and Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau came to our company (Ruiqi (Hangzhou) filter Technology Co., Ltd.

After playing our promotional video, Chairman Zeng Jiangmei introduced our main products. Ruiqi (Hangzhou) filter Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in making non-woven fabrics and environmental protection equipment. Especially in recent years, the development of special fiber felt into the market after the market praise.

On the basis of the in-depth exchange of textile technology between the three parties, the University of Technology said that non-woven post-processing was something they had been doing all the time. On this basis, they hope to find a strong enterprise to cooperate, not only should the service be done well, the service should be targeted and targeted.

At the same time, we also need strong intelligence and technical support, and we have a good answer to Dr. Su of the University of Technology for advice on the technical problems encountered by the company. Later, Chairman Zeng said that we hope to achieve the lowest price and the highest quality in the industry.


Subsequently, under the leadership of Chairman Zeng, everyone visited the production workshop with great interest. Chairman Zeng introduced to you the current production situation and equipment upgrading of the company. The leaders of the Institute of Technology inquired in detail about the operation and use of our equipment. Our technology and management have been praised.

Then, we came to our finished product display library, where we can see most of our fabric products. Chairman Zeng highlighted Kevlar felt, PPS felt, acrylic felt, basalt felt and jute felt. It is mentioned that our company is the first basalt felt factory in China. The export of jute felt is mainly used to prevent weed growth and the material is environmentally friendly and degradable.


Finally, the three parties came to our laboratory to visit, after coming in, we were attracted by these machines. In particular, our anti-prick test machine, this machine can be anti-prick cloth of the European standard, the United States standard and other anti-prick test, the University of Technology Dr. Zhao specially asked about the machine, such as test methods, test what the horizontal and vertical axis is represented, and so on.

Our company and Zhejiang University of Technology have maintained close and friendly exchange relations for a long time, this visit and exchange will further deepen the technical cooperation between the two sides.

Post time: Mar-24-2021