What is the filter press working principle?

Filter press is simply a kind of machine, which performs Filtration & separation during its Pressing operation.

Type of Filter Press  : Plate and Frame Filter Press , Chamber Filter Press , Membrane Filter Press , etc.


1.Before opening inspection Check if the filter plate is aligned and the filter cloth is clean and tidy. If the filter cloth is not clean, it will affect the water permeability of filter cloth, and eventually it will prolong the time of sludge pressing, and the water content will be higher than the normal value. If the filter cloth is not arranged neatly or wrinkled, it will be sprayed out of the gap after the mud pressure rises.

2. Start to press mud

A. Compacting filter plate Open the compressor on filter press, press the filter plate, and keep the pressure at 25kfg/cm2.

B. Open the sludge pump and feed mud into the plate and frame filter press. After the mud enters the filter press, under positive pressure, water passes through the gap of the filter cloth, sinks into the filtrate pipeline, enters the wellhead next to the filter press, and flows into the conditioning tank. As the amount of mud increased, the pores gradually decrease and become smaller, and the filtration pressure increases. When the mud pressure reaches 5kfg/cm2, the moisture content of the sludge is about 70%, and the filter cake is formed. When the pressure is increased to 4kfg/cm2, the pressure pump is opened and the pressure is too large. When the pressure is too small, the pressure relief valve is opened to prevent excessive pressure on the screw pump.

3.Dumping mud

A. Open the frame and unload mud First, start the filter press to perform the compression action, then loosen the fixed pressure-holding compass, then release the plate, pull the plate open, then gently shovel the sludge down with the trowel and drop it to the bottom for bagging.

B. Reset, pressure mud When the most sludge is packed, the compression action is started. After pressing, the pressure is kept to 25kfg/cm2. After tightening the pressure-keeping compass, click to stop the action and then click to close.

4. Replace the filter cloth When the filter cloth has a glue attached, it cannot be removed by a high-pressure cleaner, or the filter cloth is damaged, the filter cloth should be replaced immediately.

A. Remove the old filter cloth Take off the filter plate, untie the rope that fixes the filter cloth, remove the filter cloth, and do solid waste treatment.

B. Replace the new filter cloth Pass one piece of the new filter cloth through the center hole of the filter plate, rotate the filter cloth, and place the end of the unretained fixed rope hole downward, then use the rope to pass through the corresponding holes of the two filter cloths, and fix the two filter cloths to the filter. On the board.

C. Place the filter plates and arrange them neatly. Place the filter plates with the filter cloth on the filter press, and arrange them neatly and positively. After the replacement, the mud can be pressed normally.

Post time: Apr-08-2021