PTFE Sewing thread

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1) High temperature resistances (-260-300℃)

2) Good hydrolysis resistances


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1. Product Introduction

PTFE Sewing Thread is made of PTFE Filament Fiber. Polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, called fluon in China, is a synthetic fiber made of PTFE resin by a special process. With the characteristic of good chemical stability of PTFE, it is widely used in the filter materials under high temperature, strong acid and strong base condition.

PTFE fiber can be classified into White Staple Fiber and Brown Staple Fiber. Brown fiber is produced from carried-added emulsion treated with pressure and extrusion, followed by removal of carriers under high sintering. In the process of high sintering, there are still several residues of carbonized carriers adhered to the fiber surface, which makes the fiber brown in color.

This PTFE thread has proven itself in a wide array of applications. Beyond the sewability, it will continue to perform for years to come in the most extreme conditions.

2.Product Feature And Applications

1) Good chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance

2) High temperature resistances (-260-300℃)

3) Good hydrolysis resistances

4) Good Oxidize Resistance

5) Excellent abrasions Resistance

6) Long continuous length



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