Air slide fabric

  • airslide conveyor

    airslide conveyor

    Air slide fabric is used in various industries for pneumatic conveying, discharge, Homogenising and fluidising of powdered or granular materials. It is used for pneumatic conveyors, silos of every type, vehicle trucks and ail-wagons and ships. Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm Standard length: Up to 500m (1, 650′) Application: Industry, agriculture, fluidising and aeration of bulk powder Material structure: High tencity polyester yarn, circular woven in plain weave, one side polyurethane-co...
  • airslide hose

    airslide hose

    airslide hose for bulk cement truck Our airslide hose are usually used for bulk cement trailer discharging. It always woking on the bottom of the trailer. Through inflation by air compressor, it makes the bulk cement discharging from the trailer. Some people called Aeration hose. It is really very similar as Fire hose frame. But it’s much more strength and impact toughness than fire hose. One side of our hose is the PU coating. It is for block off the air flow. One side air permeable,ot...